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ALLIANCE FOR DIABETES works proactively to enhance the daily lives of people dealing with diabetes. We intend to make things much easier by informing carers, companies and the public. Our objective is a life without the issue(s) of diabetes.

Formed in the early 1900s, we are US’s biggest member-based charity for people dealing with or at risk of diabetes. We have actually been supporting people with diabetes, their households, carers and good friends, for more than 75 years. Our top priority is their health and wellness, so they can live their lives well– every action of the way.

Details and assistance

We offer trusted info, guidance and assistance through:

  • Our academic health and wellness programs and services help to increase our members’ self-confidence and their capability to live healthy lives.
  • Our avoidance awareness activities add to minimize both the advancement of diabetes and the issues of the illness in those currently coping with it.

ALLIANCE FOR DIABETES also provides expert subscription to specialists from scientific settings, and provides thorough diabetes education to allied health specialists in main and medical facility settings. We are presently building a strong group of sponsors and business partners.