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Rimonabant Side Effects

The Rimonabant side effects can be enough to counteract the positive effects. It’s important to be assured that you are taking this potential weight loss-smoking cessation miracle with your eyes wide open. During trials, one out of every eight patients could not tolerate the side effects and therefore dropped out of the trials.

Rimonabant has shown fantastic promise as a drug that can combat two of the largest health problems facing the developed world, obesity and tobacco addictions. However, Rimonabant side effects can include severe depression. Depression is serious enough to receive medical treatment is possible when taking this drug. In fact, more patients experienced suicidal depression with Rimonabant than with Zyban or Chantix, according to released studies, when taking it for smoking cessation.

High levels of anxiety were reported among a relatively high number of patients. While the weight loss was successful, the constant worrying and anxious feelings caused many to remove themselves from the trials. Anxiety and depression are two different side effects.

Nausea was also high on the list of Rimonabant side effects. Some patients found their nausea severe enough to interfere with every day life. This obviously caused complications. Nausea bad enough to miss work, miss out on family time, or miss out on activities were commonly reported, especially in the early stages of the trials.

While there is some speculation that the severity of the side effects can be an indication that the dosage simply needs to be reduced for greater success, it’s vital that patients who are starting the medication understand the warning signs and Rimonabant side effects, especially when it comes to suicidal or severe life altering depression.

The overall success of the drug has been heralded, however, as most patients who participated in the trials found that the weight loss and smoking cessation progress among those in the double blind study were able to reach their goals in a timely manner. Those who stayed on the medication after the first year did not incur further loss of weight but they did maintain a healthier body weight.

With more research and perhaps dosing protocol it is possible that this could be the single best drug for reducing weight problems, quitting smoking, and even preventing weight gain during the cessation of smoking. Hopefully, patients who choose this route will be able to self monitor or have friends and family that can help them self monitor the Rimonabant side effects before they commit to taking the medication.

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