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Magnetic Therapy: A New and Safe Alternative Therapy

What is Magnet therapy? Magnet therapy is the use of magnets to control or affect the energy levels put out throughout the body for pain reduction, the enhance the body’s own healing properties so that medicine is not necessary, or sleep enhancement. Studies since 2001 have proven that this alternative therapy is effective for aiding in conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Back pain, various nerve pain conditions. It has also been proven to increase the circulation and thereby assist in other blood related conditions such as Diabetes, High Cholesterol, and it also reduces swelling by increasing the movement of blood. It has a similar effect of producing heat as putting a hot compress on a sore muscle. It produces heat by stimulating the positive and negative properties of the atoms and thus increasing the circulation of blood and relaxing the arteries according to one theory.

There was a scientific study done in 2001 at the University of Virginia done with 100 people, using four groups of twenty-five people, fifty of the people who were in the control group used magnets that had been demagnetized through a certain process. The other fifty people were divided into two groups of twenty-five, the first group used a constant magnetic wave in a large pad, the second group used magnets that varied the magnetic wave. The first group (constant magnetic wave group) had significantly less pain as a result of the magnetic wave field. However, pain relief was the only significant difference noted in this study. The researches thus concluded that there needed to be more studies with magnetic therapy.

Magnetic therapy is nothing new, The Chinese have used it for thousands of years due to their belief in “chi” (chee) which is the belief of how energy flows through the human body on paths or meridians. They use not only magnetic therapy, but this “chi” is also the basis for other natural therapies that are used in China, such as Acupuncture, acupressure, and other cultures use this same principle for Reiki another method that uses just the energy, or “chi” that flows from one person to heal another person.

Today, magnets are used in Japan for healing and are considered proper medical devices. Even in our own culture we use magnets for diagnosing (MRI’s) various conditions. So even in our own culture Magnets are not a very strange idea in the medical field.

There is a great potential for magnets in the medical and therapeutic fields. The main one being magnetic pads that are used on top of the mattress. This has proven to increase circulation and reduce pain and swelling through the effect of the magnet on the human body. It can also be used in pads and jewelry to ease arthritis pain, fibromyalgia, foot pads in shoes for various foot, leg and circulation problems in the lower limbs.