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10 Tips to Stop Smoking

Why Quit Smoking? If you don't get it yet, then why are you reading this? The answer is one simple word, it's "bad!" Any one person can only count up to a hundred thousand reasons and he quits. Let me give you the hall of famers; you have all sorts of cancer, heart problems, high blood pressure, Diabetes, Aneurysm, Leukemia, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Laryngitis, Asthma, Cataracts, aging, and even impotence! Global Warming. It's expensive. It's not all that bad. You've probably been through worse, that's just a part of life and death, etc... I mean, really? Think awhile. IF now you're sure about it, let's get real: How do you quit smoking? The best advice for quitting smoking is to love your life even more actually! 10 Ways You CAN: Foreword: "It's not easy to quit smoking. Don't believe someone if he says easy, that's mostly untrue." Don't completely quit smoking, do it gradually. Create a routine to control your smoking, and make sure it is a realistic one that you can follow. For example if you smoke five cigarettes a day, ask yourself if you can make it to just four cigarettes. At first, even that slightest change would be difficult, but it will suppress in time. When you don't feel the impact of your reduced smoking anymore, ask yourself again if you could subtract another cigarette from the equation. Repeat this process until you completely quit smoking and rid it out of your system. Always keep a candy or a gum on your pocket. When you feel the need to smoke, nibble on the candy instead. Not worth mentioning, I know, but this is a good diversion to quit smoking. Please, if you're dieting, you must already know that smoking is the worst part of your self proclaimed "diet." Eliminate the reason you can't quit smoking. Engage yourself into fun activities to unwind. Stop thinking too much; work, family, money, your boss, remove those stuff from your mind for a moment and occupy yourself with the bright side, like your cute one-year-old baby. Surveys speak in majority that stress is the key player, that it is the reason you smoke, or can't quit smoking. Say it. We believe you. Ask yourself this question: Do you want to die early? Think of it and leave it at that. Consider your love ones, consider them as your drive to help you quit smoking. Do you have a child, a niece? Not only children, but are there other people around you that has the necessity to inhale some clean air, too? Think about secondhand smoking and the damages you really don't want give people you care about. Ask yourself once more: Do you want them to die early with you? So you are on your way to quit smoking. Be proud of the progress that you make, no matter what little of it. It is not necessary that you track your improvement in a piece of paper, it's the accomplishment that matters, and if you believe in it. In these